She creates strong and eye-catching visuals
in the service of
clear and effective communication.


She emphasises consistency in stationery, websites or events design to help develop a strong brand identity. 


Inspired by anything and everything, she creates visual style that communicates visually and stimulates mood.


With a vision and curious mind, she strives to bring good and innovative ideas into great realities.


Print & Editorial

Time Out Hong Kong

Editorial Design. Illustrations. Art Direction.
Magazine layout design, art direction and illustrations for Shopping, Food & Drink, Travel, Around Town, Film, Music and The Big Smog sections of the biweekly publication, Time Out Hong Kong.

Urban Walkabout

Editorial Design. Art Direction. Map illustrations.
Design and typesetting of Urban Walkabout’s printed lifestyle map guides and other custom publications featuring Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. 

Vancouver Magazine

Page layouts, pictograms, infographics and maps illustrations are designed within strict brand guidelines.

Canberra Weekly Magazine

Editorial and layout design for Australian Capital Territory's most-read weekly magazine.

Canadian Architect Magazine

An academic redesign project of masthead and page layout for Canadian Architect magazine. Negative space is widely used as a counter balance to architectural graphics.

Government Publications

Conceptualisation and design of reports and publications for Australian Government’s Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. (Credit: Downie Design)


Advertising & Marketing Collateral

Street Banners

Chinatown promotion for City of Sydney Council, Street Banner Design in collaboration with Cheryl Collins Design. Street banners are displayed along George Street in Sydney.


Print advertisements design for various small businesses and city councils in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra.

Marketing collateral

A variety of marketing materials such as media kits and brochures for Time Out Hong Kong, Urban Walkabout and PartiArti.

Pull-up Banner

Pull-up banners for a naval engineering consultancy, BMT, displayed at a new office launch event in Adelaide.

Exhibition Display

Display background design for PartiArti's market stall set up. 


Branding & Identity


Branding. Iconography. Web Design.
Branding Identity and stationery design for a pop-culture inspired theme party online shop, PartiArti

Bubbo Waffle

Branding and menu design for all-time favorite Hong Kong snack.

Etsy Talents

A fun social media identity for Etsy Talents, which celebrates talents who turn good ideas into great designed goods on Etsy.


Invitations & Stationary

Launch Party Invitations

A range of invitation designs for Urban Walkabout's new publication launch parties in Sydney and Melbourne.

Wedding Design

Print Design. Event Design.
A series of wedding design including logo, invitations and envelope, website and backdrop. 

Party Goods & Stationery Design

Party goods, printable and greeting card designs for special occasions and pop-culture inspired theme parties for online shop, PartiArti.


Digital & Social

UX & UI Design

Development of a client ready prototype for annual musical festival Lost Paradise using the principles of
user experience as a design process.

Web Design

Usability and user experience are the key to the party customisation feature for PartiArti’s website design.

Social Media Visual Content

Art direction & Styling. Illustrations. Layout design.
Clear and visually appealing content in promoting and engaging with followers on PartiArti’s Facebook and Instagram.


Art Direction & Styling

Fashion Art Direction

Art direction
"Brave New World" featured in Stell Magazine.

Fashion Art Direction

Art direction & Layout design.
"The art of looking", theme set by Fabien Baron from Fashion Art Direction Accelerator, Mastered.

Fashion Art Direction

Art direction & Layout design.
"Think Future" 2018 Calendar featured in The Impression.

Editorial Art Direction

Art directing and styling for various magazine spreads in Food and Shopping section of Time Out Hong Kong. Photographer: Calvin Sit

PartiArti Photoshoot Styling

Creative and imaginative thinking for props sourcing and decor arrangements to style specific theme parties.



She is Helen.

She is an enthusiastic graphic designer doing what she loves best, creating purposeful and playful work from editorial and any print designs which accentuate simplicity and relevancy. 

She is a design entrepreneur who has a vision and pushes the definition of design to pursue her passions, turning good ideas into great realities.

She is a typography and iconography lover who loves white space and any printed matter. 

She is a food enthusiast and often finds herself in a hangry mood.

To learn more about Helen and her work, download HER CV.


Email Helen at design@sheishelen.com

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